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Workplace Pensions

Accu-Man Payroll has 6 main features in dealing with Workplace Pension requirements:

  • 1. Workplace Pension Auto-Assessment facilities [Some Payrolls expect the Pension Fund to do the assessing]
  • 2. Production of Employee Notices using Microsoft Word Templates supplied by Accu-Man that may be adapted by the Employer.
  • 3. Calculation of Workplace Pension Contributions under the band-based system
  • 4. Automatic re-assessment of the Workforce each Pay Run
  • 5. Interfaces to upload Enrollers & Contributions to Pension Funds. We currently have interfaces for the following pension providers with more under development:-
    • Aegon
    • NEST
    • NOW Pensions
    • People’s Pension
    • Standard Life
  • 6. Maintain statutory records of Workplace Pensions to comply with the regulations.

Harvest Casuals and Casual Beaters

HMRC have issued guidelines on this subject and we advise reading of this document. Click HERE to go to the HMRC website. Our Harvest Casuals package covers these regulations.

A Harvest Casuals license is currently priced at £185 per PAYE Tax year, only payable when you start using it in any given year. Customers already paying a Support fee for Accu-Man Accounts or Payroll are charged at the discounted rate of £125. Discounts are also available for Agents managing multiple PAYE registrations.

Please contact the support team for more information and confirmation of current price

RTI Information

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