Management Accounting Systems


Our software is designed around the specific needs of Farming and Estate Management
Fully integrated data transfer in suites of programs
Export data into other programs such as Excel
Programs can be tailored to suit individual needs and requirements.

Operates over Wide Area Networks

Recognised by HMRC


  • Quick data entry for busy book keeper
  • Multiple Standard reports
  • User defined reporting
  • Multiple sets of books accessed from a single source
  • User groups for control of Bureau Accounts
  • Complies with HMRC regulations for Making Tax Digital - including 'Digital Linking' - for Standard VAT, for multiple books to one registration and for Partial Exemption.
  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing and invoicing as standard

Additional Modules

  • Invoices for Approval (records invoices sent to managers)
  • Raising of charge-on invoices
  • Bespoke Specials including facility to select entries to pay off against credit card receipts
  • Consolidate function for 2 or more sets of books for management purposes

MTD Bridging Software

Utility to be used on Books kept manually, on Excel or on Accounts Software that has no MTD facility. It collects the VAT Return figures from your Accounts system and submits them to HMRC via MTD. It then retains a log of HMRC responses and proof of receipt. Click here for further information.


  • Full RTI on Payroll
  • Import facilities for data from other programs:- Pickwise, EDI, Consensus, Equisoft & others
  • Maintenance of Workplace Pensions
    • Auto-Assessment facilities [Some Payrolls expect the Pension Fund to do the assessing]
    • Production of Employee Notices using Microsoft Word Templates supplied by Accu-Man that may be adapted by the Employer.
    • Calculation of Workplace Pension Contributions under both band-based and total pay systems
    • Automatic re-assessment of the Workforce each Pay Run
    • Maintain statutory records of Workplace Pensions to comply with the regulations
    • Interfaces to upload Enrollers & Contributions to Pension Funds. We currently have interfaces for the following pension providers with more under development:-
      • Aegon
      • NEST
      • NOW Pensions
      • People’s Pension
      • Standard Life

Harvest Workers and Beaters Payroll

A solution to comply with the PAYE regulations for Daily Casual Harvest Workers and Beaters without the need to set up Starter/Leaver each week of work


Optional Links to Payroll and Accounts

Rents and Terrier

  • Maintains full property records
  • Dairy and Activities
  • Raises rent demands - weekly, monthly etc
  • Links to Accounts
  • Links to Client Accounts

Client Accounts

Maintains full records for a number of clients within a single bank account under RICS regulations and can be linked to rents package

Estate Maintenace

Records Materials and Labour for external sales or charge-on work for other businesses in a group
Fully integrated with accounts in portfolio to comply with the Estate's VAT regime

Our aim is to provide a complete service
support and problem solving, help and advice on all aspects of record keeping.

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